Transition to IDMS, AES, NCTS 5

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During 2024, Belgian customs will replace the current PLDA and NCTS systems with new systems. PLDA Import is replaced by IDMS, PLDA Export is replaced by AES and NCTS is replaced by NCTS phase 5.

The reason for this is that the new systems meet the requirements set by the EU in the context of the UCC. The new modules are based on the European data model, which is mandatory for all Member States of the Union.
The exact schedule is still uncertain. Previously communicated dates regarding the start of the projects have not been met. For the time being we assume the following schedule: – IDMS migration period between February 28 and May 31, 2024 – AES migration period between April 17 and August 30, 2024 – NCTS5 migration period between June 10 and September 30, 2024 More information can be found on the Belgian customs website:
Algemene informatie – MASP | FOD Financiën (

Methode of transition
There is no big bang. You make the transfer on a date in the mentioned period. This date can be chosen by mutual agreement. Once you have migrated to the new system, you can no longer send new declarations in the old application.
What will change? 
Basically the procedures do not change. In the new situation, the way you communicate with Belgian customs is also via CrossRoad Communications. However, the screens do look different than you are used to. This has to do with the new data model that the EU prescribes. And customs will also impose other requirements on the data. For example, in the new NCTS5 the HS code becomes a mandatory field (minimum 6 positions). You will find an overview of the new data model on the EU website:
EUCDM 6.2 (
Customs will soon no longer communicate by email. When your tax return is subject to inspection, you will receive a message in your tax return system. You send corrections to tax returns as a supplement to the original tax return. Before you start using the new applications, you will receive a document from us describing the most important changes.
Migration old data
The IDMS, AES and NCTS5 modules are new modules. The old declarations in PLDA and NCTS are retained in the system and can be consulted for years to come. We do not migrate data from the old to the new application. The differences in the data model are too great for that. In the new applications you will create new templates and enter new declarations. You can then copy this to new declarations.
If you now use an interface between an external ERP system and our PLDA or NCTS application, you must take changes in the interface into account.

New release
Before you can start with the new applications, we will install a new release of the software for you. You need at least Softpak Release 24.01.

More information
If you are interested in the Softpak CDS modules: IDMS, AES and NCTS5, please contact us.