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from NCTS to DVA

Customs has announced that the start date of the new Customs Transport Application (DVA) system is scheduled for Tuesday, October 29, 2024. DVA replaces the current NCTS, both the Transport Documents and the Arrival Notifications. Customs has opted for a so-called big bang instead of a transition...

by Sandy van der Wal 07/06/2024

T2L(F) requests for our customer HTS

T2L(F) requests for our customer...

by Sandy van der Wal 05/04/2024

New functionality H2 from WMS

New functionality H2 from WMS...

by Sandy van der Wal 29/03/2024
Douane auto

Transition to IDMS, AES, NCTS 5

During 2024, Belgian customs will replace the current PLDA and NCTS systems with new...

by Aniel Badri 22/03/2024
WMS aanbrengbericht

New I2-A functionality from WMS

With the introduction of DMS, there was a request to create an Application Notice directly from the...

by Sandy van der Wal 18/03/2024
M9 live

M9 logistics live with Softpak CDS

We are proud to share that our customer M9 logistics has gone live with Softpak...

by Sandy van der Wal 05/02/2024
Image of a Softpak Profin announcement

ProFin Update: Automatic Purchase Invoice Posting

With the new ProFin update, it is now possible to automatically post purchase invoices. This can be done through a Scheduler task, which is...

by Aniel Badri 29/01/2024
Image aanbrengbericht Softpak

Softpak as successor to the DEN scheme

The current DEN scheme will be abolished. If you want to remove a container from the terminal in the future and are currently making use of the...

by Aniel Badri 29/11/2023

Roadmap 2024

After the Summer Vacations, 2024, Organi and Softpak will jointly organize the event: "Customer Day 2024...

by Aniel Badri 22/11/2023
Image with DMS post-it

Heading to DMS 4.0 / 4.1

Douane Management Systeem 4.0 (DMS) replaces the outdated AGS system and introduces new possibilities. Pilots for import and export have been...

by Jenna Schols 08/06/2023