Softpak as successor to the DEN scheme

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Do you still understand all the abbreviations?

The current DEN scheme will be abolished. If you want to remove a container from the terminal in the future and are currently making use of the simplification offered by the DEN scheme, you can make a Storage Declaration instead. This is possible in Customs’ new DMS system.

You can submit the Storage Declaration (in jargon a declaration type H2) as an Advance Declaration (IM-D). So even before the ship arrives in port. If customs wants to carry out a physical check on the cargo, you will be notified as soon as you submit the Advance Declaration. You then register your container in Portbase’s CargoController service. As soon as the ship arrives in the port you can send the so-called Goods Presentation message. This will ensure that your Storage Declaration receives the status of Goods Release. By also registering your container and the associated MRN number in Portbase’s Import Documentation Notification (MID) service, you ensure that the container terminal is also informed about the exemption by customs.

All this is possible in Softpak’s CDS module (Customs Declaration System). You create an IM-D in DMS Import. Our system pre-registers the container in Portbase’s CargoController. Our system receives the signal from Portbase that the cargo has arrived and automatically sends the Goods Presentation message to customs. As soon as we receive the release from customs, the software automatically sends a message to Portbase’s MID service.

And all this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You may make and use the Storage Declaration for the transport of the container to your warehouse if you have a Warehouse Permit (a CWP permit). Customs does emphasize that you must register the goods in your administration when you make the Storage Declaration. If upon arrival it turns out that there is a difference between the unloaded quantities and the document quantities, this will lead to a missing in bonded warehouse.

Please make sure that you indicate to Portbase that you want to deliver a PIE type message to the terminals in the MID service. Otherwise your message will be rejected.

You can also use the Presentation Notice in DMS (a declaration of type I2-A). However, you cannot submit the Application Notice as an Advance Declaration. The Presentation Notice may only be sent after the ATA ship is known.

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