from NCTS to DVA

Customs has announced that the start date of the new Customs Transport Application (DVA) system is scheduled for Tuesday, October 29, 2024.
DVA replaces the current NCTS, both the Transport Documents and the Arrival Notifications. Customs has opted for a so-called big bang instead of a transition period. This means that all declarants in the Netherlands will switch to the new DVA on the same day. However, for a T1 document that was drawn up in the old NCTS, you must also create the Arrival Notice in the old NCTS. Apparently there is no link between NCTS and DVA. The explanation from customs states that after October 29, the old NCTS will no longer be available as a fallback for creating T1 documents in the event that something goes wrong with the new DVA.
DVA is a new module. DVA is – just like DMS – based on the new European data model. Technically there is a big difference between the current NCTS and the new DVA. One of the most important changes is that a new shipment information layer is being introduced in DVA. In NCTS, a declaration consists of a header and 1 or more articles. In DVA, a declaration consists of 1 header, 1 or more shipments and 1 or more items within 1 shipment. How the new shipments component will be used in practice should become clear once DVA is in production.
Release 24.01
Softpak has developed a new module for DVA. The current NCTS module remains as an archive on your system.

The DVA module is available from Softpak Release 24.01. We will install release 24.01 on your system before October 29. On the day of the big bang you will have to install the latest patch so that your system is up to date. Because with a big bang we do not gradually get to know the new system, but will undoubtedly receive many notifications in 1 day, please note that in the days after October 29, new patches will be made available daily to fix any shortcomings found. .
We will make documentation available regarding the changes compared to the current situation before October 29. In DVA, customs will not suddenly ask for a lot of different information than in the current situation. However, a number of rules will change. For example, the HS code becomes mandatory in DVA. Just like in DMS, DVA offers the option of entering document codes either at header or item level. Such changes will be mentioned in the documentation.
More information and questions

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