ProFin Update: Automatic Purchase Invoice Posting

Image of a Softpak Profin announcement

With our latest ProFin update, it is now possible to automatically post purchase invoices. This can be done through a Scheduler task.

How does it works

The Scheduler task checks all purchase invoices with the status “Approved” or “Checked”. When the status is “Approved”, the invoice is automatically posted. If you don’t use the “Approval” status, the invoice is posted when the status is “Checked”.

Email notification

If an invoice cannot be posted, an email notification is sent. Once the issue is resolved, the invoice is re-posted in the next run.


  • Softpak Release 23.01+
  • Softpak ProFin
  • Softpak Scheduler

Benefits of automatic posting

  • Reduces the chance of errors
  • Saves time and effort
  • Improves the efficiency of invoice processing